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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walgreens Revisited 2/6/10

I had to return the Zicam I bought yesterday because I forgot to use the coupon on the box. Walgreens didn't mind and didn't make a fuss about the $7 RR I received (and used) yesterday on my other purchases. I got $10.90 back and it was the exact amount needed to buy another Joint Juice and earn $10 RR towards another purchase! Yay!


So Hubby got another pack of glucosamine supplements and I got $10RR to spend on coffee! Yum.
Coffee $9.99 + $10 RR = FREE!
2 Cherry Sodas @ $1.48 on SALE for 99 cents each
Drink packet singles $1.00
Shaving Cream $2.79
TTL before RR and discounts: $18.54
Used $10 RR and PAID: $6.66!
Um...no, you're not seeing things. There are no sodas in the photo. They're way too good to last the trip home!

Gillette Fusion Pwr Razor $8.99 earned $4RR so it was like getting it for $4.99!
Axe deodorant can't remember the reg price but was on sale for $4.49
Axe deodorant same as above. On sale for $3.21
TTL before discounts: $22.77
PAID: $18.19
Baby Boy just had to try getting in the shot :)

Got2B Spray Buy One Get One FREE SALE. Two for $5.99 (Usually $5.99 each)
Got2B Glue BOGO. Two for $5.99 (Usually $5.99 each)
TTL before sale adjustments: $26.12
Used $4RR from Transaction 3 and PAID: $9.06!!

3 bags Lays potato chips on sale $2 each
5 cases Pepsi products. Sale 5 for $15. Earned $10RR so it's like they cost $5
PAID: $22.05 and walked away with $10RR for another purchase!

I'm hoping to get better and better at this type of shopping. I came home with almost $90 ($89.19, really) worth of products and PAID $56.76. It would have been $46.76 out of pocket but I forgot to use $10RR that I had. I got mixed up! Oh well. Living and learning!

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