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Friday, September 24, 2010

Khol's $10 Snail Mailed Gift Card

Aahhh.... Hubby's day off today and the weather is beautiful! We decided to take a drive and ended up, wouldn't ya know it? At a store. My poor guys! I'm glad they put up with walking around while I'm oohing and ahhing over pretty things ;) 

Well, I had a special reason to go to Khol's today and that's because I signed up for their email newsletter and coupons through the mail. Last week, I received a $10 gift card from them! I was ecstatic! Apparently, they sent the gift cards out to everyone on their mailing list and they are good for any purchase, even sale and clearance items. So, yes, that's why, on my first day of feeling much better, I dragged Hubby and Baby Boy into Khol's.

We scoured the clearance racks, hoping to find something for Baby Boy's Christmas presents, Baby Boy's clothes, or some home decor. After some searching, I found the perfect teal/turquoise sheers that were marked down to $4.99 each (originally $10.99 ea). I have been looking for this color everywhere for the master bedroom, but they've always been so expensive. Using the $10 gift card, I ended up paying $1.06 for both curtains! Well, that set me up to feeling great for the rest of the day :). 

Well, hello my pretties

No, thank you, Kohl's :)

Stay tuned for a Love Dare post.


  1. Awesome deal! And pretty! Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Seriously, there is nothing like retail therapy :)


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