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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Dare #14 Just to Be With You

 With my love

DARE 14: Purposefully neglect an activity you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse. Do something he or she would love to do or a project they'd really like to to work on. Just be together.

I chose to not be on the laptop in the evening. Hubby works late so when he comes home he eats dinner and then we both relax on our respective computers. We carry on a conversation most times with the TV on in the background, but tonight I gave him my full attention, making my mind up before hand not to be offended if he chose to continue to be on his computer. After all, he gets going early in the morning and works 12 hours, so the evenings are his only chance to be off his feet and unwind.

This went off without a hitch, and honestly, I'm not sure Hubby even noticed, but that's not what this was about. I was able to really concentrate on being there with him. I found that without expecting attention in return, I ended up enjoying the evening and our sporadic conversation as he caught up with email and things online. I really was surprised to realize I enjoyed simply sitting there with no pressure on either of us to fill the silence with inane conversation or becoming distracted by what was on TV. The evening ended with a feeling of contentment, even though it consisted of what, a short time ago, I would have considered as a boring time. It truly is a blessing and a joy just to be together! Thank you, Lord for opening my eyes!

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